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Chhavi Karan Sawhney is one of the independent consulting firms dedicated in financial planning and management consultations to individuals, companies and corporate sector.

Why Choose Us

Karan Sawhney - Certified Financial Planner

Karan Founded Chhavi Karan Sawhney in January 2012, Management Graduate from NMIMS, & CFPCM professional with over 10 years of insightful experience in building Financial Plan for successful individuals and corporates. Foundation of Globe Financial Planner is client centric approach. The philosophy revolves on the model of needs based planning because everything one would experience tomorrow will be the RESULT of CHOICES MADE TODAY.

Our Strengths

Chhavi Karan Sawhney offers you value-added guidance on a wide variety of financial issues that improves your present and future plans also.

  • To gain an understanding of your financial situation as it relates to this planning engagement.
  • Determine to what extent you will be able to meet your goals, needs and priorities.
  • Identify possible problem areas that should be addressed.
  • Present you with our recommendations and clearly explain the options available to you.

Free Support & Updates

There is no charge for the initial consultation and you are under no obligation to continue once we have confirmed the planning fee. The financial plan is yours to do with as you see fit. You may, at your own discretion, implement any or all of the recommendations made with any financial advisor or financial institution you choose.